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Based on Value Creation, Build High-performance Team — "Top Ten Excellent Employees" of Hongtu Technology in 2019, Lai Yinghui
Publication time:2020.08.20 14:07:31

As a chief engineer of Nantong CNC Workshop, Lai Yinghui is mainly responsible for CNC workshop assembly process management, committed to optimizing the personnel construction, process development and production management of the assembly procedures. Since entering the company, he has served as foreman, product engineer, deputy director of the workshop, director engineer, etc. He did an excellent job in employee management, product quality management and production effectiveness, etc.

He established improvement group to collect, analyze and resolve the problems existed in the automatic assembly line during the mass production, which not only improves the production efficiency, but also ensures the products delivery on time.

He led the team to research and develop many simple die equipment, of which bolts inspection machine and glue missing and mistake proof device were highly recognized by the customers.

He led process team to constantly innovate assembly process and independently developed and manufactured torque gun linkage anti-error device, which saved the high outsourced costs.

He has always carried out investigation, analysis and research based on practice. He not only actively communicated with the interested parties in daily work to improve equipment performance, but also wrote the utility model patent "An Automatic Plucker for the Guide Pin of Balanced Shaft Cover" with his solid technical basis and professional theoretical knowledge.

He focused on the team performance and often made use of his professional knowledge to guide the new employees on how to correctly use the measuring and inspection tools, which helped them to master the skills of other positions. He also cultivated the first group of package inspection employees, established the first group of assembly process team, strived to achieve the continuously improvement of organization efficiency by relying on team power.

He always adhered to the core values of "value first", built a high-performance team based on his own position, and continuously created more value for the company.
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