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Focus on Quality Improvement, Continuously Create Values —"Top 10 Excellent Employees" of Hongtu Technology in 2019, Liang Xinghai
Publication time:2020.08.20 14:07:01

As chief engineer of Die-casting (Headquarters) Quality Department, Liang Xinghai is mainly responsible for quality management of FCA and GAC Fiat Chrysler projects. Since entering the company, he has served as quality engineer, team leader of quality group, and chief engineer, etc. In the work, he made every efforts to deliver quality, valuable services and products to customer, and he was already praised for many times.

He actively responded to the advocate of "Lean development and pursuit of excellence" of the company. Not only did he lead the DKZG31 quality improvement project and QCC appearance improvement project, creating the operation guide book, which improved the assembly capacities, but also he formulated the whole process quality improvement plan and established single piece quality cost calculation model, which reduced the single piece cost and improved the products earnings.

He led the team to sort out the whole process of the export products from its production, shipment, entry in oversea warehouse, packing classification and delivery. He also established QR code system for products packages and linked this system to production traceability system, which resolves the difficulties in tracing export products information.

He participated in the lean coach training actively and obtained the lean coach certificate. He tried to finish IATF16949 and VDA6.3 training courses so to be the company's internal auditor. He also insisted on learning and improving himself, and became the company's internal trainer and completed a series of training tasks. He constantly improved his ability in the actual business training and exercises.

He insisted on the customer-oriented and value creation- centered philosophy, and led the FCA project team to complete several supplier cost improvement projects, with considerable project revenue, he was highly recognized by the customers. The company also won FCA Excellent Supplier Award many times.

He paid attention to quality of the products, actively improved himself, and continuously created value for the company with his effective labor at his ordinary post.

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