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A Good Example of Value Creation and Being Professional, Dedicated and Bold in Act —Lu Chunjia,a 2019 "Top Ten Employees" of Hongtu Technology
Publication time:2020.08.20 14:06:32
As a chief engineer in technical development team of Die-casting (Headquarters) Engineering Technology Center, Lu Chunjia is mainly engaged in technical breakthrough and production line design, etc. Since his entry, he has served as commissioning technologist, product engineer, process improvement engineer, technology development engineer and chief engineer, etc., and gradually grown from a basic employee of the production line to be a person responsible for the company's technical research and development.



He actively responded to the company's call for lean cost reduction and increase in income and reduction in expenditure, and adopted the production model of U-shaped one-piece flow in lean production lines, reducing the production inventory of semi-finished products; designed the first small blow drying machine with regard to special equipment, reducing the cleaning and processing fees.
He emphasizes quality and takes full advantage of 3D modeling and alloy materials to fabricate superhard rivet rods in the process of product development, reducing the rejection rate in the riveting process of cylinder covers.

He dared to innovate, proactively looks for the breakthrough innovation opportunities and strives to accomplish them. He participated in the Six Sigma program, improving the utilization rate of DKZG22 automation equipment; dominated to carry out the full value flow activities of GZBT61, reducing the unit production cost of products.
He aimed to make progress, not only actively took part in the training and programs including the company's five core tools, Six Sigma and full value flow, but also studied independently software and hardware tools such as 3D, CAM and CAE in his spare time to improve the ability to identify, analyze and solve problems.
He is always customer-oriented, makes quick response to customer demands and does follow-up, takes measures and provides feedback and results for the customers' complaints, and meanwhile strives to put himself in the position of internal and external customers and makes greater efforts to meet their use requirements in addition to product requirements in the technical scheme.
He actively makes innovation with his professional knowledge and dedication, and continues to create values for the company by virtue of effective labor, which reflects the core concept of centering on value creation of Hongtu people.

Guangdong ICP Provides No. 09205031 Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau Network Police Detachment Record Number:4412833000509
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